About Marcus Boyd

Architecture has fascinated and inspired me for as long as I can remember. This amazement perhaps was born out of my love for the library in my hometown. It was a beautiful building with graceful tall columns framing the doorway, and every time I entered I felt like I was moving into another world. Even today when I go back to visit, I get the same feeling walking through the doors of that library.
I am now a graduate student in art history, and my emphasis is on architecture. I love researching and studying the various styles of architecture that have come and gone through the centuries across the globe. My interest lies primarily in European and North American styles of architecture, as these are the styles and movements that I come into contact with the most. Understanding what social ideas were being passed around when a certain building was designed and constructed always gives me a much better understanding of how I feel when I approach and walk into that building. I hope to be able to share the knowledge I gain through my studies with you, so that you too can feel the appreciation for culture and history that every building has to offer.